The Olympic Movement as Stakeholder in the UN–IOC partnership: Configurations in Southern Africa


  • Cora Burnett University of Johannesburg Olympic Studies Centre (South Africa)


International Olympic Committee, United Nations, Sport for Development and Peace, stakeholders, partnerships


International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Olympic Movement (OM) members have unique roles to play in the newly formed global partnership with the United Nations (UN) in relation to the Sport for Development and Peace (SDP) sector. Common ground relates to two main global trends: sport mega-event legacy programmes and the influence of the SDP movement. This paper reflects on the case study work of OM stakeholder arrangements in three African countries, namely Zambia, Lesotho and South Africa. It offers a re-interpretation of the findings of a larger study and interrogates existing partnerships delivery on diverse goals associated with development. It reflects on globalised neo-colonial underpinnings evident in the UN-OM partnership and questions the meaningfulness of current stakeholder configurations for the delivery on sustainable development through sport.

Author Biography

Cora Burnett, University of Johannesburg Olympic Studies Centre (South Africa)

Cora Burnett is a research professor at the University of Johannesburg and has published extensively on sociological issues. She led multiple research projects funded by the IOC, Commonwealth Games Federation and European Union. She is the Director of the UJ Olympic Studies Centre, Vice-President of ISSA and recipient of the 2017 Universitas 21 Award.