Ian Culpan

Ian Culpan is Emeritus Professor in the School of Health Sciences and the former Head of the School of Sciences and Physical Education at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. He has strong research interests in physical education teacher education (PETE), Curriculum Development, Pedagogy, the socio-cultural aspects of Sport and Olympic/Olympism Education. He has a high international profile, led and directed many national initiatives in physical education and has published nationally and internationally. He established and is co-director of the New Zealand Centre for Olympic Studies and is on the Executive Board of the Global Foundation for Community Health and is a Senior Advisor to the Global Forum for Physical Education Pedagogy, and the Asian Council of Exercise and Sport Science. Professor Culpan teaches in the Master of Arts in Olympic Studies at the German Sports University of Cologne and the Masters of Olympic Studies, Olympic Education, Organisation and Management of Olympic Events at the University of Peloponnese. He is the immediate Past President of the New Zealand Olympic Academy, and is the immediate past President (Oceania) for the Federation Internationale d'Education Physique (FIEP). Professor Culpan has twice been awarded the International Olympic Committee Trophy for Education and Sport (2000) and 150 years Pierre de Coubertin, Sport a School of Life (2013). Professor Culpan has been an education consultant for several multinational corporations and has served on UNESCO’s 2013 expert advisory group for developing Policy on Quality Physical Education.