Foster the Gender Equality in the context of horse-riding. An Olympic Value which reveals a path from domination to emancipation


  • Dorine Arachtingi EPP Eloquence Paris


Active minorities, equestrian subcultures, parity, diversity, crossbreeding


Ever since 1952, men and women compete in the same equestrian competitions during the Olympic Games. This advance in gender equality was made possible by the values that are pledged in the Olympic spirit, that are mix-ity, parity and crossbreeding of social roles. In this article, we will attempt to identify and analyses why when it comes to a leisure practice, women are dominant, whereas in Olympic equestrian competitions, we find mostly men. Then, our work will focus on women’s means to adapt in equestrian competitions, and horsewomen’s para-doxal aptitudes that could make them win competitions, when it comes to horse-riding and taking care of horses. In closing, we will talk about a possible new Olympic value: crossbreeding, that is a new form of balance between men, women, and horses in horse riding.






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