Ten Years On: The Youth Olympic Games (Yog) Through The Eyes Of Australian Athletes


  • Suzanne Grayson University of Peloponnese (Greece)


Youth Olympic Games (YOG); International Olympic Committee (IOC); Australian Olympic Committee (AOC); Cultural Education Programme (CEP); Olympism; Olympic Values


The inclusion of the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) to the Olympic Movement was the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) action to introduce Olympism and the Olympic values to youth, hoping to turn the tide on rising obesity and the growing rate of inactivity, particularly amongst teenagers. It had been perceived that the Olympic Movement had largely neglected the needs of young people, motivating former IOC president Jacques Rogge to present a case for the implementation of the YOG. This article reports on research that examined some of the claims of the Olympic Movement related to the YOG through the eyes of Australian athletes at the latest summer YOG of 2018. In addition, it discusses the role of the athletes themselves, in terms of their perception, understanding and experiences drawn from the global multi-sport event, which is rare in the literature and nonexistent in terms of Australian participants who have represented their country at all the games.